Savannah Strong

Prior to her birth, Savannah was diagnosed with “Potters Syndrome”, which means she had small, cystic non-functioning kidneys. A maternal fetal specialist had concluded that she would not live more than a few hours after birth. The specialist said without her kidneys in utero she would have small underdeveloped lungs, which would not last long outside the womb. Savannah was born via c-section at Devos Children’s Hospital. After birth, she suffered from a collapsed lung and was placed on a ventilator. She fought through this and eventually got off ventilator and ultimately on room air! She had beaten the odds! Before Savannah could even go home she had to have surgery for a g-tube and catheter placement for peritoneal dialysis. However, the catheter failed and it had to be removed. Savannah was discharged to go home for a week or two until she healed from her recent surgeries, and was expected to return for another catheter to be placed at a later date. Savannah went home on several medications to control her kidney function levels. Fortunately, Savannah’s condition continued to improve at home and she ultimately did not have to return to have the new catheter placed. She was able to forego dialysis for the last 5 years! She has fought and stayed strong, despite multiple hospitalizations and surgeries. This summer Savannah’s kidney function declined and Savannah started to experience complications due to her kidney function. It was determined she needed to urgently have both kidneys removed, and now she is on nightly peritoneal dialysis. She will be receiving a kidney transplant on September 20th from her soon to be Stepmother!!